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Bring your pet in for a dental visit

Proper care of your pet's teeth can prevent gum disease, tooth loss, and other diseases.

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Dental cleanings

Prevent gum disease

Counseling services

Regular dental cleaning from Affordable Veterinary Clinic can not only help support healthy teeth but also eliminate bad breath for your pet.

The most common health problem associated with improper dental care for your pet is gum disease. Which can lead to tooth loss.

Not only do we perform dental care, we also counsel you on proper care for your pet's teeth at home. Ask about our counseling services.

Ensure healthy teeth

Stop healthy problems

Save existing teeth

A healthy dental check-up can help keep your pet from losing teeth or major tooth decay. We help keep your pet's gums and teeth healthy.

Poor dental care can lead to other serious health problems in places beside the mouth. Bring your pet in for proper care and stop diseases before they start.

If you have neglected your pet's teeth, or an older pet has started to see decay, we can work to prevent further tooth loss and decay.

State-of-the-art dental care for your furry friends

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