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Pets grow old much quicker than we do

Help them do it in a healthy way with care from Affordable Veterinary Clinic

Routine check-ups for your pet

Watch for aging signs

Do you own a cat?

Dental care visits

We never want to acknowledge that our pets are getting older, but looking for warning signs of aging can help us treat them better!

If you are a cat owner, it can look like your pet never ages. Cats rarely show signs of aging. Routine check-ups are even more important for pets.

Older pets are more susceptible to tooth decay and loss. It is important to always keep routine dental exams part of your pet's health care.

Start exercising

Consider a strict diet

Help your pets move

Keeping pets moving is the easiest way to help keep them happy and healthy even in old ago. Take them for routine walks and activities.

Older pets can gain weight resulting in greater health risks. Controlling your pet's diet can help reduce results of aging.

Older pets can need more help being mobile or moving around. Installing ramps, diapers, or steps can help them move more easily.

Do you need someone to watch your precious animals while you go away for the weekend, or are just going to be out all night living your life?

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