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Protect your pets with microchipping

Find your pets easily with new and modern microchipping procedures

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Have you lost a pet?

Find your pet easily

Expert microchipping

If you've ever lost a pet, you know the pain and difficultly that you go through trying to locate it. Affordable Veterinary Clinic makes it easy!

We offer a variety of services to help you locate your pet easily. From registration, to microchipping, we work to get your pets back.

Affordable Veterinary Clinic provides expert services in microchipping. A procedure that places a tracking device in your pets.

Register your pets

Painless insertion

Prevent disease

Once you have a microchip inserted, you will register your pets in a database to make it easier to locate them if they are lost.

The microchips are small and no larger than a grain of rice. This makes for easy and painless insertion, so no harm is done to your pet.

Aside from helping locate your pet in the case that it is lost, Affordable Veterinary Clinic also specializes in preventative care.

Do you need someone to watch your precious animals while you go away for the weekend, or are just going to be out all night living your life?

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