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It's easy to keep your pet healthy

Routine tests can point our heartworms, disease or other health problems and infections.

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Test for Valley Fever

24-hour turnaround

Painless testing

Because we live in a dry, arid area, Coccidioidomycosis or Valley Fever is common in pets. It has influenza life symptoms but is easily treated.

We use two outside laboratories for any blood or sample testing done on your pet. This allows for a quick and easy turnaround time.

Our testing procedures are quick and painless for your pet. We want you to feel at home at Affordable Veterinary Clinic.

Blood tests available

Protect your pet

Prevent disease

If you are concerned for your pet's health and would like to order a blood or genetic test, we have services available for you.

Whether you suspect your pet is ill or need to start a profile for microchip embedding, we offer the test necessary to complete the process.

Annual or bi-annual testing of your pet's health cannot only show diseases quickly, but also prevent them from occurring with treatment.

Up-to-date testing equipment and procedures

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