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We take care of your pet from the beginning

At the earliest stages of its life, bring your pet in for routine vaccinations and check-ups.

Schedule your pet's vaccination

Early vaccinations

Stop diseases fast

Help your older pet

Beginning your pet on a vaccination regime in the first month or year of its life guarantees it a lifetime of health.

Affordable Veterinary Clinic specializes in preventative care. This also includes preventative vaccinations to stop diseases fast.

An older pet is susceptible to a variety of age related diseases. Prevent these diseases early with the proper vaccinations.

Access our records

Prepare for sale

Individual care

Can't remember the last time your pet had a check-up or vaccinations? Don't worry. We keep each treatment on file to access and any time.

If your pet recently had a litter, you have the responsibility of giving them the proper vaccinations before every listing them for sale or giveaway.

We know each pet is different. Based on breed and individual needs we create a personalized care plan for your pet.

Do you need someone to watch your precious animals while you go away for the weekend, or are just going to be out all night living your life?

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