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Help your pet maintain a healthy weight

Overweight or obese pets are more likely to suffer from health problems. Speak with us about weight management programs.

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Nutrition plans

Focus on exercise

Stop obesity

Just like us, a pet's weight can fluctuate. We offer a range of nutrition plans to help keep your pet's weight maintained.

At Affordable Veterinary Clinic, we believe exercise is key in helping your pet maintain a healthy and manageable weight.

Often, we can forget how important it is for pets to maintain a healthy weight. We work to diagnose obesity and create a health plan for your pet.

Dietary products

Weight related disease

Care for older pets

If diet and exercise alone isn't enough to get your pet to a healthy weight, we have science smart dietary products.

Weight gain isn't just something that needs to be maintained, it can also cause diseases in your pet. If your pet is overweight, routine check-ups are necessary.

Older pets can gain weight more easily than younger pets. Keeping your older dog or pet active and on a strict diet can help with weight gain.

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